Get Involved

 Get Involved

Broadsound Coastal Care is financed and administered by the
Broadsound Coastal Community Development Association Inc.

Community Connections

Broadsound Coastal Care assists clients to maintain social contact with their community and peers by providing transport and assistance to events and activities. The organisation understands and engages with the community in which it operates and reflects this in service planning and development. Our support workers and committee members live in this community and are tuned into issues on a local level. Our community supports our service in many ways including donating gifts of money and in kind donations and by having trust in our organisation and the services that we provide. This is evident as demand for persons accessing services has increased from nine clients at inception in 1991 to over 250 persons accessing Broadsound Coastal Care services in 2016. Broadsound Coastal Care is appreciative for all the support and donations that community groups and other not for profit organisations contribute to our service.

How can I help?

  • Attend Broadsound Coastal Community Development Association Inc. monthly meetings.
  • All Welcome. Participate in annual surveys
  • Voluntary donations (donations are tax deductable over $2)
  • Become a volunteer