Support planning

Support planning

Home Care Service Plan

A Home Care Service Plan & Agreement is developed to meet the client’s needs and specifies the support services required, the client participation, any special requirements, the days which support staff will assist and any fees the client may be required to pay. The Home Care Service Plan will be explained and completed in consultation with the client and/or carers taking into consideration maintaining client independence.The client or carer will be asked to sign the agreement to confirm your understanding.

Home Care Service Plan reviews

An Assessment Officer will visit the client at least once every 12 months and more often if necessary, to identify if changes to support services are required to best meet the needs and to maintain client’s independence. Any changes will be fully discussed with the client and will be documented on the Home Care Service Plan.

If there is a need for the Home Care Service Plan to be changed please advise a staff member or contact the Office on (07)49502 087

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