Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

Clients are required to pay a small contribution for the support services they receive from Broadsound Coastal Care if financially able. A current schedule of fees is provided to clients and is also available at the Broadsound Coastal Care office.

For packaged care services,clients will be required to pay fees which will not exceed 17.5% of client’s total pension. The fee is revised annually (or as required by the client) with consideration to the client’s ability to pay. The client’s contribution will be agreed upon prior to commencement of services between the client and the Operational Manager or Assessment Officer once support requirements are assessed.

No client will be refused a service, if eligible, based on inability to pay.

Fee Reduction

Broadsound Coastal Care recognises that the circumstances of some people may make it difficult to pay the fees for support services. If client is experiencing difficulties a request for a fee reduction can be made by completing anIncome Assessment Form. In assessing the request Broadsound Coastal Care considers your income, household circumstances and any other special circumstances or hardships that make it difficult to pay. The client will be advised of the result of the request within 15 working days.

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