Clients have a right to use an advocate of their choice to negotiate on their behalf with Broadsound Coastal Care. This may be a family member, friend or advocacy service. A list of advocacy services is provided below. We can help the client contact a service if needed.

What is an Advocate?

An advocate is a person who, with a client’s authority represents their interests. Advocates may be used during assessments, reviews, and complaints or for any other communication between the client and Broadsound Coastal Care.

Appointing an Advocate

If a client wishes to appoint an advocate,Broadsound Coastal Care needs to be informed in writing, the name of the person acting as client’s advocate. Authority to Act as an Advocate form may be used. An advocate may be changed at any time using the Authority to Act as an Advocate form.

Guidelines for Advocates

Guidelines for advocates are included with the Authority to Act as an Advocate form for clients to pass on to chosen advocate.

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